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12 December 2013


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It really is good to find you back here having a good moan. I did have a bronze car back in stone age - rear wheel drive Toyota. Bronze was the description but it looked brown in most light conditions. It may well have been the rust coming to the surface though.


You perhaps need to think of me as being like an old actor, Gerry – mostly resting these days, but popping up every now and then to attend an audition. Waiting for my 'Downton Abbey' moment, as it were.


I'm not so sure. I've seen a few selected cars that actually did look good in brown (or maybe I'm getting old :)).

I think the shade of brown is also a factor. The one above (hyundai) seems to be a dusty grey/brown which is pretty horrible.

Deeper, richer, reddish browns tend to look better.


I'm not sure it's anything you can lay at the feet of "men of a certain age" - I'm a 29-year-old woman, and, honestly, I quite like these brown cars. I think they look smart, more understated - certainly better than a lot of the garish colours often available. I went to buy a Scenic the other day, for my family of 5 (plus dogs) and one of the colour options was brown - I only didn't end up with it because they could let me have a blue one the same day! Perhaps it's a strange 2000s thing? Who knows? I'll be interested to see how this trend develops!

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