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21 February 2011


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Nice do! But where's your nose?


Daniel: I'm tempted to quote Groucho Marx in response to that:
"Say, that's quite a nose ya got there. Did ya pick it yourself?"


"It's David the chameleonic medium-straddling pop genius, not Dave the chameleonic medium-straddling pop genius."


Noses aside, i'd prefer a Bowie-haircut over a pair of Elton John glasses any day. (Although they'd suit _that nose_ just fine.)


AND... you worked on a drawing board, using both hands rather than mainly the index, as we mostly do now... Sigh....


Where's the green and red colour in those Bowie locks?

Ian Dennis

Looking horribly like a commercial artist. (Been catching up on your posts). Sad to say I've been telling our workers for a while that computers, email and acrobat have taken us back to those pre-Henrion days. But I also remember long days and nights in darkrooms and think I prefer my Mac. Xx Ian


I thought that was a photo of me... brings back all the memories... cow gum and cutting the ends off my fingers with a scalple whilst using a metal type scale! Such hard work in those days... days when you just had to get your copyfitting and type mark-up right first time or the boss would have your privates cut off.

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