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05 May 2009


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What a strange, strange place.


I don't know, 'explosion!' sounds pretty exciting. The man's even running towards it.

Tom Harle

those signs are pretty commonplace around the UK these days aren't they? I wasn't particularly surprised by any of them. Unless they were all on the same street. It reminds me of that simpsons episode where Homer gets the health and safety signs put up.


I thought we had it badly here in Germany, but that´s really a heavy collection.
Public space = no go area ????


Ah, sunny Gosport. My brother lives there, being ex-Navy. I remember picnicing on that patch of grass behind that silver taxi, with my then nearly-wife and some cheese. Not exactly picturesque but happy days. Gosport has at least got a ferry and ferries are always good.


Well, its probably cheaper to erect a sign, than pay out a court setlement because some doofus hurt themselvs because there was no sign

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some old enamel signs

  • Sign41
    Lovely, aren't they?

instead of helvetica...

my pantone past

top tips for typesetters

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    The post that first spelt it out: the important things to get right when you start dealing with type.