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03 February 2009


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Good stuff. I think you've just volunteered yourself to set up that Flickr group!


Hey David!

I just got my in the post. I'm in Mexico, so it took a while, but it was great to find out they shipped internationally.

If anyone sets the Flickr group, I'll send mine in.



Is print dead? How long have we been hearing that? I should 'fess up and say I'm not a trained, professional designer. I'm a librarian who stumbled across your blog because of the "Types to use instead of Arial" posts. I work at small library and find myself doing displays, designing book marks, posters, etc, because I'm the only one who really cares what they look like. In my voluteer work with Girl Guides it's the same thing. A year or two ago I found myself in a pitched battle with other Guiders over getting information about an event out to our local members. I said we needed to print and mail and everyone else said it would cost too much, e-mail was free. My point at the time was 25% of our members didn't have e-mail and expecting word of mouth to get it to them was wrong, inconsiderate and elitist. I won and the result was interesting. We had a big turnout. People who were unable to attend sent messages. In other words, people paid attention. What I've noticed, both at work and in Guiding, is that people take print more seriously, despite the stupid amount of junk mail that comes through my box. Maybe seriously isn't the right word, but receiving a piece of paper mail addressed to them excited the adults in my Guiding area. With the younger set, say over 8 since before that they still think books are cool, there seems to be an impression that things in print are important because they take more work. So the newsletter you spent hours laying out, proofing, making perfect and then posted on your website is seen as easier than if you had printed it. I know, this post goes on a bit but I hope it says what I mean and you understand how I came to it.


Sorry, it's "52 fonts instead of Helvetica" but at the time I was trying to find something to use instead of the ubiquitous Arial.


Great Post. I have been thinking a lot about this recently since I drive past a road called Printers Row every day doing the school run. I don't think there are any printers there anymore but perhaps I should investigate further. There is a printers shop just down the road from me however, and I hope they are surviving the recession. I have always found them especially helpful and keen to cater for my bizarre needs either by fulfilling them or telling me where my ideas can be realised. Most recently I have asked them to produce a perfect bound glossy white covered 370 page 30cm x 30cm completely blank white book. They were completely happy to do this for me and got back to me in an hour to let me know how much this would cost and when I could pick it up. Obviously no printing involved but it is the readiness to be flexible without being judgemental which I like. I also like their rather old fashioned offer of free year planners, which my son went in and got yesterday, and the way they sell old paperbacks on the windowsill outside. They are a local independant printmaker who like working with people and I guess that is what will keep them going.

As for print being dead, I don't think this is so. A book to me is the main form of print I come accross and is something almost sacred, but then I was brought up to hold them in high regard - no crayon scribbles in my ladybird book of Indians. Books are pretty much the only physical form of creative pleasure I get. The internet has stolen a huge chunk of my heart away from Books, but given the choice I'd rather have a book I can look at than a screen on a table...could Mac build a lap top you could snuggle up with? I doubt it. (Just in case they do, I want royalties on isnuggle)...


i'm number 999.


I should give the excellent printers a bit of small time free advertising really (David, feel free to delete if this is not OK)..the printers I was on about are called Sarsen Press in Winchester. Thanks.

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