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23 June 2008


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Mike Reed

Oh, David, thank heavens for sanity. I too am (still) an Orange customer, having been suckered (again) by an early upgrade to phone that turned out to be, well, I'm sorry, but it's shit. So's the coverage, by the way.

I have long grown weary of Orange's promotional nonsense, as you may remember from my rant on Ben's blog (and several on my own: http://tinyurl.com/3ejepy ). This latest stunt just makes me want to scratch the logo off my mobile.

Stop all the dippy webby crap, Orange; stop telling me how sweet and kooky and fun it is to be Orange, and give me a *&!!@** phone that doesn't **!@*^^ well switch itself off when I'm not looking, and coverage that doesn't dip out in the centre of major *!!%$! cities.


Of course, you and I are probably too old for Orange now, David, if the prizes are obscenely costly trips to Ibiza.

Sod it: come November, I'm free. And guess what: it's an iPhone and O2 for me. I. Cannot. Wait.


I certainly wouldn't want to go to Ibiza, Mike - James Blunt lives there.

Oh, and don't buy your iPhone from The Carphone Warehouse (otherwise you'll end up writing absolutely everything in **!@£$%^&&&&&^^^^^$$$$$((***-speak).

Mike Reed

I have, I fear, already supped from the poison chalice that is the Carphone Warehouse. I was lucky to escape with my sanity. Never, ever again.

And separately: it strikes me that James Blunt could hardly have been better named. (His guitar is, presumably, a Blunt instrument.)

Brad Brooks

I dumped Orange for O2 and an iPhone (and yes, I'm upgrading come July 11th - I'm an Apple zombie and proud of it), and I've never looked back. Bye bye crappy phone, crappy service and crappier customer service, hello lovely super phone, great service and better customer service.

And Orange can stick their crappy web interstitial ads where the sun don't shine. Balloon race indeed. What am I, five?

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