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06 December 2007


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Mike Reed

That's a very kind and generous post, David, thanks. (Although there was never any chance of my upstaging Ben.)

I'd deliberately steered clear of the design of the poster. Partly because it was suggested by someone as an example of shocking copy, and also because, although it's obvious the design is dreadful, I thought someone more qualified would do a much better job of saying why. And you have. Cheers.

(By the way, if you click "Richard Madeley"'s name in the comments, you'll find it may not be quite the real Richard Madeley. I'm sorry to say.)


Well, what a bummer, Mike. Not the real Richard Madeley: and it was such a good story as well. I guess I'll now have to turn my attention to rooting for 'not the real' Vanessa Feltz. But, you know, with these people it's pretty difficult to know where the reality ends and the fantasy begins.

David Atkinson

Sounds like Neil Young to me.

The title, I mean.


Yeah, David's spot on. The full title (from which the title is taken) is 'Words (Between the Lines of Age)' by Neil Young, from the album 'Harvest'.

I can see an emerging trend here: post titles named after 60's and 70's song lyrics (well, it's just as valid as having one of those stupid big pictures as a home page).

Or maybe I'm just turning into an ageing hippy?

David Atkinson

You know, just because that link goes to the Richard Madeley Appreciation Society doesn't mean it's not the real Richard Madeley. I wouldn't put it past him.


Well, it had me fooled, David. That's what I meant by not knowing where reality ends and fantasy begins.

But look on the bright side: whoever he is, between us we'll have increased his traffic quite substantially.

Mike Reed

Now I'm very confused about "Richard Madeley", David. He's left another comment on my post about the Neilson poster. (http://tinyurl.com/2ayt38)

The comment doesn't (quite) sound like a joke, but if you read any of the posts on his website it seems obvious he's either (a) not who he says he is on the site or (b) not who he pretends to be on the telly. I must say, it's not a question I predicted when I agreed to take over NDG for a week.


Hmmn. Any sign of Vanessa Feltz yet?

Richard Madeley

Look guys, I can assure you that I don't need the traffic. Didn't you see the piece on my blog in the Guardian a few weeks ago? I’m a bit disappointed by this constant questioning of my identify. Is this how you treat all people who leave comments on your blog? I thought my points were quite cognisant about the subject of good writing. However, I’m getting used to being made to feel unwelcome. I can see when I should perhaps move on.

And just when I found a blog I was actually interested in reading… Oh now, look what you’ve done. You’ve upset Judy. She’s crying now. I hope you all feel good about yourselves.


Calm down, Richard. Everyone's welcome here. But, do you know what? I've never, ever watched 'Richard & Judy', so I'm not best placed to know whether you're just pulling our legs or not. What do you think, Mike?

By the way, I'm playing Father Christmas tomorrow. Do you think I ought to play it for real? Or come clean and tell the kids I'm really a designer?

Mike Reed

David, if you haven't seen Richard & Judy, you must. If only just once. For the experience. Once seen, never forgotten. But I'm afraid I'm convinced our legs are being pulled by "Richard". If I'm wrong, Richard, and you really have lost sleep over "Chuck Norris and his well gnarled plums", then of course I apologise unreservedly. But I think you can see where I'm coming from.

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