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11 December 2006


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A travesty! And interesting design trivia. Thanks for the account. More please.

Also, a brilliant, perfect logo. One of those "smile in the mind" designs. The "cleverness" almost invisible, but once you get it...

You should start a "Where is Ian now" campaign. Actually, that's definitely blog-worthy: a designer "Where are they now" kind of thing.

ian Dennis

Ian Dennis is alive and kicking and has been running Indent Design for 30+ years.

Generally keep a low profile, but we've just had a good week:


I appreciate the clarification of history very much. Actually I didn't attend the presentation (Henrion didn't let me), but I did think Pentagram would win.

Still feel warm inside when I see the NT logo is still being used.

If you go to indentdesign.co.uk you'll see the Simon Anstell hair went about 7 years back.

Love to all


ian Dennis

More clarifications now I've re-read the above. Sorry, that means I sent the form twice.

Henrion actually (as I recall it) had to go to a conference and hadn't come up with a design with the deadline looming, so he said we could have a go.

I did a first rough idea over the weekend and when he returned he said it needed more work, which involved refining the letterforms. He then produced a more angular union jack based design himself.

He pitched the ideas (he told me) saying mine could be National Truck (If you knew him you'd be able to hear him saying this), and was a bit nonplussed when he had to tell me my idea won. But it gave him some satisfaction to have beaten Pentagram (who had rejected him as a partner).

Still I can't hate the guy. He's given me lots of good stories to tell based on the short time I knew him, and I did get £50 bonus for the design.

I actually redrew it at home (didn't like the way it reproduced, so made all the lines slightly curved) and got a friend at the National Theatre (Richard Bird - a great designer who died of AIDS) to substitute the artwork, but as time went by it got recreated with straight lines again.

PS The other competitor company was Banks & Miles. The sculptor Eduardo Paolozzi dropped out.

Happy to make contact and swap more tales if you want to email


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