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20 December 2012


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Rob Horton

I call it Plicky Plinky music! You know that type of sound that comes from instruments like the Glockenspiel and the Violin (when picked).

If I hear one more rendition of The Nutcracker on a TV ad selling anything, I'm going to self destruct.

Virginia  Graphic Designer

This post cracked me up! Years ago I was working in a London clothing store around Xmas and they had a single Christmas music CD that they played OVER and OVER and OVER for at least a month and a half. Yes, it annoys the customers, but you have no idea the effect it can have on the employees. I can't believe that there aren't employee revolts every December in stores like that!


Oh yes! In Tesco just before Christmas and overheard the staff complaining bitterly about the repetitive Xmas musak. Bad enough for the tired customer trying as I do to remember what the hell I came in for in the first place but it has to be many times worse for the staff. Worst place for loud music whilst shopping has to HMV. Can't think the minute I enter the store. No wonder people resort to Amazon. Rant over! Seasonal greeting and all the best for the New Year ahead.

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