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01 December 2010


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I don't mean to advertise, but great human to human customer care with BE.


It is an interesting thing about customer care. I've had regular rants from folks who have had trouble with my ISP provider but I have never had any trouble with them. The folks who look after my husbands pension and benefits plan, however, are another matter and I seem to be the only one who has any trouble with them. I've learned the trick now though - call on an evening or weekend when I get routed to their call centre in Dublin (I'm in Canada). They've made a big deal about having "local" service (Canada's a big place - I don't consider Montreal local) during business hours, but it's shite. The lovely young men I invariably speak to in Dublin are considerably more helpful.

David Airey

I get my home phone and broadband from O2. Top notch UK-based customer service, free to call, and, because I'm also an O2 mobile phone customer, I get £5 off my monthly broadband bill.

I'm not an affiliate.


Joshua's kinda right on this one in his reply on the previous post, the terminology's a bit wonky: domains names are handled by domain registrars and sometimes web hosts (who're likely reselling for a registrar, or are also one themselves), while 'ISP' these days implies a broadband provider. Certainly threw me off and would explain why the email I sent you last week was entirely irrelevant :)

Glad you finally got them moved, though!

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