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03 February 2010


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Simon Stanyer

Hi David,

I've been researching a number of graphic design related bodies recently. My reasons were to see what actually is out there in the big wide world, and how they are helping to drive innovation within our field.

Now would it surprise you if I said that I stumbled across the CSoD? Perhaps not, but I guess it would surprise you that I stumbled across your blog and read your whole chain of articles from about 2-3 years back. You have raised some good points, and for that, I must commend you.

You had been a member of that society for many years, and kudos to you for actually standing up, achieving realisation and questioning its use - not only to yourself, but to the industry for that matter. If they had been pro-active enough to recognise the value of members such as yourself, they may well hold more klout within the industry today.

What is design without question? What if there was no 'what if'? That would be a very bland world and nothing would progress. It sounds like that is the way they prefer it, and if I was to voice my personal opinion on the matter; it sounds old fashioned.

Overall, I think you did the right thing. Creativity knows no bounds.

(2nd year graphic design student that has also read your blog)

- Simon

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