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03 March 2009


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Is it any good? I'm not so sure. At first I thought it was really nice, it being "home spun" and all, but I wonder what a normal punter would think. Or perhaps they're local boys that everyone knows, which changes things again. Then again, you ignored it and only took notice after seeing another copy, by chance. It's also misleading: it's not "Pick your own", it's "Get the lads to pick it for you".

Finally, what wrong with broccoli anyway? Vegist!

David Airey


I'm guessing that as David doesn't buy broccoli, he has a dedicated broccoli garden where the super-food is in abundance. Either that, or he suffers from the same phobia my brother does (he once found a roasted caterpillar hiding in a piece, right before it was about to enter his gob).


Let it be known that this blog is a broccoli-free zone. As is my kitchen.


We love it those little tree-like fellas.

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