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20 November 2008


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Congratulations David. A mighty fine series. What are you going to do now?


Well, thanks Richard - that's appreciated.

Do you mean what am I going to do with the series? If so, I was thinking about compiling the 52 fonts into a separate blog page or something. Not sure what yet, but something to make them more readily accessible than having to trawl through the whole blog.

Or maybe you mean what am I going to do instead of the 52 fonts? In which case I'm tempted to retire (but I probably won't - well, at least not until I've finished with my Pantone chips).


Thanks David, since I am not a designer this ha been a real eye opener for me and made me dig out a book on the fundementals of typography at the discovery centre (confusingly in the technology section, not the design section)...you have been an inspiration.

Were you not tempted to do one of Russels houses???


I mean were you not tempted in light of the upcoming end of the alphabet...

David Airey

A great series, indeed, David.

I definitely think you should combine all the letters into one single page, which would make a fine resource.

Your first link (little series) isn't working for some reason. You may want to amend that.


Well Caroline, I have to admit that as much as I admire Russell, I wasn't tempted to tackle one of his houses. But I'll look out for them at next year's Interesting event.

And David, thanks for the tip-off on that first link. In fact, the link was working, but it was to the category - and, rather confusingly, took you to the last post in the series: ie the you're reading now. I've now changed it to the first post in the series, which hopefully should make things clearer.

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