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30 March 2007


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Nice idea David.

One thing that I'd just like to just clarify though, is that I don't disagree with your view that they're a designer-fashion - I see my view as being compatible.

The potential meanings that you've referenced above are from a quick micro visual reading. But whilst any image is always dependent on its component parts, it also signifies something greater on a figurative or metaphorical level.

Typically speaking, people tend to interpret visuals on a more micro level when they're new and unfamiliar - to aid understanding. But as they become more familiar with the style (i.e. understand the conventions of the 'design code'), the style takes on a life of its own and becomes more of a visual shorthand in itself.

Then, quite often, the more the style is used and appropriated the more its potent meanings become diluted. And eventually the design code itself takes on the metaphorical meaning of being ‘dated’, 'unfashionable' etc.

That's why you're able to look beyond their deeper meanings. You've instantly recognised these sorts of images as belonging to a particular unconventional design-style (which is why you've been able to 'theme' them together). And based on your experience and preferences as a designer, this design-style has become an instant metaphor for a 'designer-fashion'.

So, whilst the subtle details might be less directly relevant to your particular interpretation, they’re still not 'meaningless' since the design-style is dependent on them. If they were ‘meaningless’ you wouldn't be able to recognise the design-style in the first place!

Well, that’s my take anyway - hope it helps. I’ll leave and shut up now… ;)


Not sure if this counts, but anyway: http://www.uk.abercrombie.com/anf/index.html

Attractive, I suppose, although not meaningless.


These boys are good, but revamping:


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